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June 11, 2022

🌍👗📺 This fashion show was produced by Planet Fashion Tv. You can learn more about the great things they are doing

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Designer bikinis and one piece swimwear.

SHIFT traveled to Monte Carlo to film this show for you. David, Yulia, Wellington and Alfredo. We hope you enjoy this show.

It was live streamed by SHIFT. You can learn more about SHIFT at:

This is filmed and uploaded in 4K. Live premiers may be streamed in lower resolutions by YouTube, with the full 4K version available immediately after the premier ends. Join for live chat during the premiers.

This video servers as a buying guide. It showcases designer swimwear by BEAU SWIM. You are shown the full look, and close up footage showing the garments in detail, front and back, so you may understand the fabric, how it moves and how it may feel against the skin when worn.

The video also serves as documentation of fashion and art. It is delivered in a fast pasted, entertaining format, in the unique SHIFT style, with modern music and the latest in the art that is fashion swimwear design. Enjoy these looks from Europe.

All the music in this video is fully licensed.

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