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May 30, 2022

NEENA SWIM Bikini Fashion Show
Swim Week 2022 Collection

LIVE PREMIERS AIR IN 1080P first, then you can watch the replay in 4K. This is a YouTube feature.

This is a diverse and inclusive fashion show, incorporating a range of body types and ethnicities, elevating confidence, self esteem, and promoting body positivity.

Monaco Swim Week is produced by Planet Fashion Tv | 📸 @planetfashiontv

Neena Swim are giving you a front row seat to their Monaco Swim Week Show, live from the Fairmont Monte Carlo, showcasing their colourful collection of sultry swimwear from their unreleased Ayada collection.

Ayada consists of an array of sun-kissed looks, from micro-bikinis to booty shorts.

Get ready to shop the collection straight off the runway, sign up for exclusive early access here:


This is NEWSWORTHY coverage of the first International Monaco Swim Week. SHIFT is internationally accredited press. We flew to Monaco to film this event, this footage is exclusive you won't see it anywhere else.

This footage documents the art of modern swimwear, showing the shifts in trends over time and the current stylings going into this year from the biggest brands in swimwear.

This video also serves as a buying guide. We give you the view of the overall look, as well as close up, detailed shots, showing the front and back of the garment so the viewer can understand how the garment is constructed and how it will feel against the skin.

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