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September 17, 2022

“Cu chello mare argiènto, cu chello cielo dipinto, cu chello sole bianco”

With visuals by Juergen Teller and styling by Poppy Kain, the new #DGFW22 campaign tells the story of a mystic fascination with Naples to the notes of the song “Napule Canta E More” performed by Donatella Viggiano.

The new #DolceGabbana Collection, with its daringly provocative and futuristic looks, moves through the city of heart and instinct.

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“Napule Canta E More” (F. Mengucci / S. Nicolò / G. Mambelli)
Courtesy of Sugarmusic S.p.A.

#dolcegabbana #dolceandgabbana #dg #dolcegabbana #dolcegabbana