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February 4, 2022

“This collection introduces Versace Men’s 2.0. Launching this new chapter on the second day of the second month in 2022 feels right. It represents a next step and move forward, not focusing on the singular but on multiplicity, progression, and diversity—exactly what We see valued by the new generation and the way they express their masculinity in so many refreshing ways. This collection embraces that by looking not at the Versace Man but to the Versace Men.” – Donatella Versace

The Fall-Winter 2022 Men’s collection proposes a modern opulence rooted in the reality of now. Clean forms, fluid lines, and adaptable designs define this contemporary take on luxury.

Designs are sensitive and intimate to the individual, while likewise proudly calling out to a plurality of Versace Men in celebration of who they truly are. Sensuality comes from an enhancement of the human body, encouraging an embrace of personal realness as the true source of confidence and attitude. A collection film embodies this sentiment by looking at the personal ritual of dressing and the performative and transformative ability of clothing.

Brand codes are synthesized to their fundamentals. Versace’s heritage of suiting is seen anew in soft, unstructured finishes which allow for ease of movement and create a fluid silhouette. Typically sartorial pinstripe and checks have a painterly finish, as if hazily drawn in pastel or watercolor across voluminous suit pants and unlined jackets. Wool jacquard knitwear and formal coats reimagined in brushed wool, cashmere, and silk blends revel in hand-feel.

Bright, positive colors of cerise, pink, and orange are worn as solid blocks of color, while the brand’s heritage ornate prints are honed, rendered as stenciled bicolors like the new Barocco Silhouette. La Greca continues as a brand monogram, interplayed through cable knit sweaters and vivid lurex cardigans.

Shoes and accessories encapsulate the collection’s proposal of modern opulence: with wide totes and belt bags in soft grained leather which molds to the shape of the body, and structured options in brushed leather. Subtle La Greca print emboss, ‘V’ motif finishes, and the line’s new hardware are a refinement of brand codes, while the La Greca Signature line in a new gray colorway is finished with a crisp white logo.

New Column boots and shoes are an elevated take on an archival style, while options with Baroque rubber-injection are rooted in Versace imagination and innovation. The Odissea sneaker acts as a confident exclamation point at the foot of an outfit.

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