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April 23, 2022

On the occasion of Earth Day, Giorgio Armani presents the new Armani/Values website: both an exploration and a retracing of the values that have always underpinned the designer’s stylistic direction and entrepreneurial decisions, and which form part of the Group’s DNA. Values linked to fashion and beyond because for Armani, aesthetics is the reflection of ethics and responsible choices are made at every level: business strategy, corporate structure, personnel, governance and production.

Armani/Values tells the story of the Armani Group through important past projects as well as the present and future projects that are making such fundamental progress, with a particular focus on the commitment shown with regard to Corporate Responsibility. For the Armani Group, being a brand that represents the Italian fashion system and industry means creating unique products in which aesthetics, quality and innovation are combined with a solid value system that will stand the test of time and is respectful of all the resources that the Group draws on, well aware that the future of the next generations depends on decisions made today.

The website is intended to provide detailed documentation of these values and be a point of reference for anyone interested in news and information regarding the Armani world or about the Group’s history. It offers a wide and comprehensive overview. With the clarity of purpose and concise approach that define the Armani lexicon, the content is organised into a rational structure with plenty of in-depth information, divided into three main sections: People, Planet and Prosperity, all three of which are preceded by the Overview introduction section. A video and text on the homepage summarise and explain the various values: consistency, timelessness, fluidity, comfort, empowerment, inclusion, sustainability, discipline, independence, authenticity and 'less is more'.
On the occasion of Earth Day, Giorgio Armani presents the Armani/Values website: