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May 27, 2022

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SHIFT Model of the Year 2022 Semi-Finals. Match 1! KARINA RAMOS vs JULIA PEREIRA. BIKINI SUPERMODEL Competition 2022 in 4K.

JULIA PEREIRA is a classic Brazilian beauty and bathing suit model. She is a triplet! She is a very successful model and TV host in Brazil, and has a hobby of being a Youtuber!

KARINA RAMOS is a famous bathing suit, bikini, runway fashion model, and Miss Costa Rica. She is a TV Host, a CEO of Empowerment Academy, a businesswoman, and a natural beauty! More about Karina is in the video.

Vote for your favorite model for SHIFT Model of the Year. The winner wins the title SHIFT Model of the Year and a $1000 cash prize.

Who do you want to win? Tell in the comments!

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